TCS Group Holding PLC

The Company was incorporated, and is domiciled, in Cyprus in accordance with the provisions of the Companies Law, Cap.113.
The Group’s principal activities consist online retail banking operations, through its subsidiary JSC “Tinkoff Bank”, and other operations through its subsidiaries, such us insurance operations through JSC “Tinkoff Insurance”, mobile services through LLC “Tinkoff Mobile” and asset management through LLC “Tinkoff Capital”. The Bank specialises in retail banking for individuals, individual entrepreneurs, small and medium enterprises and brokerage services. The Bank which is fully licensed by the Central Bank of Russia, launched its operations in the Summer of 2007 and is a member of the Russian Deposit Insurance System. The Insurance Company specialises in providing non-life insurance coverage such as accident, property, travel, credit protection and auto insurance.

Committees of the TCS Group Holding PLC Board of Directors

The Audit Committee
The Audit Committee assists the Board of Directors in overseeing the integrity of the financial statements of TCS Group Holding PLC and its systems of internal control, including financial, operational, and compliance systems. It also supervises the compliance with legal and regulatory requirements and the independence and qualifications of the independent auditor, as well as the performance of the TCS Group Holding PLC’s internal audit function and independent auditors.

The Remuneration Committee
The Remuneration Committee is responsible for determining and reviewing, among other matters, the remuneration of the executive directors and TCS Group Holding PLC’s remuneration policies.

Risk and Emerging Risk (Sustainability) Committee
The Risk and Emerging Risk (Sustainability) Committee assists the Board in developing the Group`s framework around and aims on ESG issues.

The Strategy Committee
The Strategy Commitee assists the Board in assessing strategic development plans, major financing and investment proposals.